Weber IDA Replacements for Volkswagen Type 1 and Type 4

VW Weber IDA Style Throttle Bodies In their day the IDA carburetor was the go to choice for many VW and Porsche aftermarket applications. Despite the compromise of using what was a race part on both competition and road cars, their use flourished in the 70’s. The IDA was difficult to calibrate and gave poor results at idle and cold start.


Borla’s IDA throttle body paired with an electronic control system will provide flawless cold start, idle and full throttle performance.

Precision fuel metering
Fuel delivery is by way of an EV14 injector for each barrel, cleverly hidden where the float bowl was in the carburetor. Available in different sizes to suit different applications and capable of operating at pressures between 3 and 8 Bar, they provide extremely accurate fuel delivery in a fine homogenous spray.

Compatible with aftermarket ECU’s
There are many Electronic Control Units available world wide. There are inexpensive systems like Megasquirt that can be assembled by the user; Haltech, SDS, FAST, Holley and Motec are just some of the choice of club racers and professional race teams, available at different price points. Ask your Borla Technical Representative for advice.

Improved performance
The all around livability of a properly calibrated injection system using the Borla IDA throttle bodies can’t be matched by carburetor systems. The benefits in cold start performance, lower emissions and improved drivability are some of the most notable. It should be observed here that a throttle body has a bore that is unobstructed by the auxiliary and main venturis of a carburetor and can be expected to show gains in airflow and therefore power for a given throttle plate diameter

Systems for Type 1 and Type 4

Borla offers these kits for Type 1 and Type 4 VW engines, as well as the Type 4 engines used in the Porsche 914 and late 912E. These kits include the Throttles, Manifolds, and linkage for a complete bolt-on system.

Available Products

Borla Part # TWM Part # Description Price Qty
200164 TB Pair, Weber for Volkswagen Type 1 and Type 4
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