Air Filters, Screens and Bug Domes

Snap on Air Filters
Developed by Roush specifically for our throttles kits, these filters are easily fitted and removed.

206521 for air horns fitted to our 50mm throttles

Extremely effective filtration with no appreciable height increase, these screens are the answer to many filtering needs.

201221 for Eight Stack ITB’s, set of 8
201222 for Eight Stack Weber Style throttles, set of 8
201225 for Eight Stack ITB, single.
201236 for Borla 50mm full radius horn, set of 8
201241 for Borla 58mm throttles, set of 8

Bug Domes
These are useful for keeping rocks and small animals from entering your engine.

206357 for air horns fitted to our 50mm throttles (8 pcs required)
206535 for air horns fitted to our 40, 45, 48mm throttles

Note: Not recommended for side draft applications.