Air Boxes

206202 Carbon Fiber Airbox on 2900 Series

Cold intake air can really add horsepower! Bring some into your throttles! Made in-house at Borla Induction, this air box will serve several purposes:

  • Provides a plenum for cold air drawn through a remote filter system. Very important for efficient functioning of electronic fuel injection systems.
  • Helps to reduce intake "roar".
  • Helps equalize distribution to individual intake runners.

Air Box on a 16V VW


To fit the 4-cylinder air box, on 2900 series throttle bodies, it will be necessary to install extensions (shown left), This unit is made of fiberglass and has a 3" inlet tube. There is also a carbon fiber box available.


4-Cylinder Air Box

6-Cylinder Air Box

It has been brought to our attention that our 4- and 6-cylinder air boxes, were not designed for, nor will they pass, the SCCA single-inlet restrictor test. In the immediate future we would advise against trying to use the box in an SIR application. We are working on solutions. The air boxes function normally in all other applications.

Available Products

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206202 2900-1588 Air box in Carbon Fiber [4-cylinder]
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