View a Typical FI System

A Typical Fuel Injection System

This is a diagrammatic representation of a typical 4-cylinder installation where we assume that two of our 2900 series throttles have been installed on a suitable manifold and the injectors are mounted in the throttle bodies.

(a) Except when mounted in the fuel tank, fuel pumps should always be mounted below the level of the fuel.

(b) Calculate the fuel flow requirements of the engine, by estimating BHP and BSFC (brake specific fuel consumption, usually shown in pounds of fuel consumed, per horsepower/ per hour). This will provide a guide as to how much fuel pump capacity you will need.

(c) Capacity of the fuel rail is important to provide adequate volume of fuel for rapid acceleration and to provide damping of transitory pulses cause by the opening and closing of the injectors.

(d) Borla Induction fuel pressure regulators should always be installed downstream of the injectors.

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