3003 Series - 3 barrel for Porsche, Ferrari, & Lamborghini

Now sold in complete kits with air horns (velocity stacks), fuel rails, and linkage.

Borla Induction 3003 Series units are a direct replacement for downdraft IDA 3C carburetors as fitted to early Porsche 911, Ferrari 512 and Lamborghini models. The barrel centers are at 94 mm and the overall height is 123.5 mm. The manifold mounting flange is identical to the flange on the Weber IDA 3C. The air filter flange differs from the carburetor in that it uses 6 mm studs which are 1 mm further apart than the carburetor. Each barrel has an air by-pass screw.

MAP sensor ports are provided on both units. There are integral mounts for the fuel rail which is supplied with the unit. AN-6 threads are in each end of the rail for which a specific fitting, part number 206138, is available. The right hand unit incorporates a shaft with a single 5/16 " D-drive and mounting pad for Borla Induction and other throttle position sensors.

A 62mm tall air horn (part number 201088) is available for the 46mm throttles (This is the same height as the stock Weber horn)

The throttle position sensor for the Borla 3 barrel throttle is part number 206017

3003 Series Throttle Body Complete Kit

Please note the 3003 Series is the only Borla Induction throttle body where 'left' does not indicate the switch drive unit.

Available Products

Borla Part # TWM Part # Description Price Qty
200088 3003-40PR-B TB Kit, 3BBL, 40mm, complete w manifolds & linkage
$3,475.00 Add to Cart
200087 3003-40PR-A TB Kit, 3BBL, 40mm, w/ air horns
$2,395.00 Add to Cart
200086 3003-44PR-B TB Kit, 3BBL, 44mm, complete with manifolds & linkage
$3,550.00 Add to Cart
200085 3003-44PR-A TB Kit, 3BBL, 44mm, w/ air horns
$2,395.00 Add to Cart
200084 3003-46PR-B TB Kit, 3BBL, 46mm, complete w manifolds & linkage
$3,450.00 Add to Cart
200083 3003-46PR-A TB Kit, 3BBL, 46mm, w/ air horns
$2,395.00 Add to Cart