3006 Series - Porsche Throttle Body Kits

3006 Series Throttles Kit
(Note: Shown with optional high mount injector kit. Not included with 3006 kit.)

Now sold in complete kits with air horns (velocity stacks), fuel rails, and linkage (One part number orders the whole kit)

The ultimate throttle body package for flat six Porsche applications, this integrated system utilizes special manifolds which, unlike the old carburetor manifolds, permit the intake charge a “straight shot” at the valve. The system allows three alternative injector positions: one at the manifold/head interface, one downstream of the throttle plate in the throttle body, and one in the air horn. In normal production, only the injector pocket in the throttle body is drilled. Essentially six individual throttle bodies, these units are not adversely affected by unequal thermal expansion in separate cylinders.

3006 Series throttle bodies are equipped with pockets for standard Bosch, Lucas, Rochester, or Weber injectors, using an O-ring top and bottom. Each barrel has an air by-pass screw. One unit incorporates a drive and mounting pad for a Borla Induction throttle position sensor.

Sizes available 48, 50, 52, and 54 mm.

There are integral mounts for the Dash 10 size fuel rail. A manifold referenced, fuel pressure regulator, Part No. 203133 is available.

3006 Series Exploded View
Alternative Applications:
Here is an example of our 3006 Series Throttles on a V-12 Ferrari.

Complete Kit:

Includes throttles, manifolds, 75mm air horns, fuel rails, linkage and Hall effect, race quality TPS

Height: 10.826 in. (275mm)

 (including 75 mm air horns which are the standard)

Weight: 6.75 Kg 14.85 lb.

 (including 6 injectors, air horns, and linkage)

Available Products

Borla Part # TWM Part # Description Price Qty
200123 3006-4801/2 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 48mm, 2-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart
200128 3006-4801/3 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 48mm, 3-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart
200072 3006-5001/2 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 50mm, 2-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart
200132 3006-5001/3 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 50mm, 3-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart
200129 3006-5201/2 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 52mm, 2-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart
200130 3006-5201/3 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 52mm, 3-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart
200131 3006-5401/2 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 54mm, 2-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart
200076 3006-5401/3 TB Kit, Porsche, 6-cyl, 54mm, 3-bolt
$4,506.25 Add to Cart