Stealth Fuel Pumps

Stealth Fuel SystemStealth Fuel System gives you the option to put a high performance fuel pump inside virtually any fuel tank, including your factory tank.

Simply cut a hole in your tank. Measure the depth. Cut your pump hanger bracket to length and your baffle / basket foam. Insert the baffle. Install the retainer ring and gasket. Bolt your pump and hanger down. That’s it. Now you have a fuel pump inside your factory tank capable of supporting big horsepower EFI and its whisper quiet.

No more welding tanks, swirl pots or using up trunk space with fuel cells. No more hot fuel handling issues like vapor-lock and no more fuel surge. The Stealth system’s internal baffle / basket controls fuel surge and keeps the fuel pump submerged in fuel, even at low fuel levels and in aggressive driving. The best part about this whole system is that it’s completely universal. This system will fit virtually any tank from 5.5 inches deep to 11 inches deep, plastic, steel, aluminum, corrugated or smooth. One system that gives you everything you need to fuel your ride. Its serious performance you will never know is there!

We have 2 models available:

Stealth 200 Features and Specifications:
Delivery vs. pressure

  • 220 liters/57.9 gallons per hour @40psi
  • 204 liters/53.7 gallons per hour @50psi
  • 189 liters/49.7 gallons per hour @60psi
  • Test voltage 13.5V

Part number 206523
Supports up to

  • 450 HP EFI – Forced Induction
  • 600 HP EFI – Naturally Aspirated

Stealth 340 Features and Specifications:
Delivery vs. pressure

  • 340 liters/89.5 gallons per hour @40psi
  • 310 liters/81.5 gallons per hour @50psi
  • 286 liter/75.2 gallons per hour @60psi
  • Test voltage 13.5V

Part number 206524
Supports up to

  • 700 HP EFI – Forced Induction
  • 850 HP EFI – Naturally Aspirated

Available Products

Borla Part # TWM Part # Description Price Qty
206523 Fuel pump, in-tank, Phantom 200
$585.00 Add to Cart
206524 Fuel pump, in-tank, Phantom 340
$875.00 Add to Cart