Eight Stack Kit with 48mm Weber style throttle bodies

Part # 200165 in photo

What is the Eight Stack Injection?
Eight Stack Throttle Body Systems are fuel injection platforms pairing retro looks with modern performance.Styled after traditional Weber carburetion systems of the 1960s, the Eight Stack System gives you all that classic WOW-factor without the need for boxes of jets and calibration changes for weather, temperature and altitude.If you are building or updating a '60's or '70's classic, you can maintain the appearance without the hassles.In fact, only an expert could tell you are using a state-of - the - art fuel system rather than the original carburetor package.

Kit Features:

Weber Style Air horns
The air horns in these kits are modeled after the original parts and available in both 25mm and 50mm heights.
Throttle position sensor
The TPS is an essential part of the communication between throttles and the ECU. An original equipment type TPS is supplied with every Weber style throttles kit.
Billet capstan linkage kit
Machined from 6061-T6 billet and incorporating high quality bearings and hardware our linkage kit sets the standard for the industry.
Cast Aluminum Manifold
Cast in A356 alloy and machined in precision CNC equipment the manifold has cast-in plenum facilities for the MAP sensor and the Idle Air Control