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Eight Stack FE platforms

Have a Big Block Ford that makes big horsepower? Eight Stack can take it to the next level in both looks and performance with one of our FE based Big Block systems! Move that serious air for serious gains!


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Engine- Big Block Ford Pond block 427 Sideoiler/482 FE Stroker

Eight Stack Adds 42 horsepower and 48 lbs. ft. of torque

This test involved a comparison between the Eight Stack injection and a dual plane Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold topped off with a Quick Fuel 750 cfm carburetor. Built by Robert Pond, the 482 Stroker (427 Sideoiler) FE motor featured a set of CNC ported Edelbrock FE heads, a healthy hydraulic roller cam and headers designed to run on a Fairlane application. Both the carbureted and injected combinations were run at the same air/water and oil temperatures and tuned to maximize performance. Run with the dual plan intake and carburetor, the FE Stroker motor produced 606 horsepower and 592 lb. ft. of torque. Run with the Eight Stack system, the motor produced 630 horsepower and 629 lb. ft. of torque. A review of the horsepower and torque curves depicted on the dyno graph illustrate that the Eight Stack fuel injection produced more power and torque than the carburetor from 3000 rpm to 6100 rpm. The Eight Stack system offered gains as high as 42hp and 48 lb. ft. of torque over the carbureted combination.